Christ on the Mount of Olives, Pieter de Balliu after Peter Paul Rubens 1630-1637




Shape/dimensions rectangle (portrait format) 322 x 262 mm Signature/inscription: inscription bottom (positional attribute): D. Iacob Roose. inscription bottom (positional attribute): Amplissimo ac Reverendo . humilis cliens Fr. va Wyngaerde. Inscription lower left: Pet. Paul Rubbens pinxit. Inscription lower right: Petrus de Bailliu sculpsit Current attribution Pieter de Bailliu after Peter Paul Rubens Date 1630-1637.

Pieter de Bailliu, son of Bernard de Balliu / Ballieul and Agneta Jacops; father of Pieter II. Married on 28 June 1640 to Elisabeth van Engelen. They had five children, who were baptized in St. Jacob’s Church and the cathedral. The oldest Bernard (baptized 5/31/641) became an engraver. The fourth, Pieter-Frans (baptized 27-5-1644) became a painter and had Peter de Jode II as godfather. Active in Antwerpen 1629 werd in de period 1629-1630 admitted as a master in the guild Rome 1631 – 1637 according to dated drawings in 1635 en 1637 in Rome. Sandrart 1683 talks about a project where he cooperated in circa 1633 te Rome. Antwerpen 1640 – 1660 where he married in 1640.

The work is in very good condition, with some spots and discolouration which makes sense given the age. But in the bottom left corner a tear which is fixed, as well as a tear along the bottom edge on the right. The back on which the work is attached is strongly yellowed and has some tears.

Also present in the British Museum, London (England) , inv./ 1873,0510.211.


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